Festive Cards

New Year

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 Valentine's Day
 For your valentines's day card, you first need to take a background with hearts and draw an uneven heart and fill it with red glitter. Then coat the heart with golden glitter. On the right side, write 'Be My' and under that smudge some flouracent paint and write on it 'Valentine'.

 The left one is a picture frame and the right one is a card which is an extended version of the picture frame.

Just take suitable cardstock and arrange stylofoam flowers and hearts around the border. (make sure you stick them.)

To make a card out of it, you could either stick micley loves minnie stickers or arrange and stiick pom-pom balls as shown.


 In this card, you just need to draw and fill in a bat with black acrylic paint on a halloweeny printed paper. Next, you spead some green glitter in the unfilled areas, evenly. Then draw the bat's eyes and mouth with green 3-D glitter and write Halloween in the down right corner.


 This card is very simple to make. Just take a paper with loads of eggs as its patterns. Now, using 3-D glitter, draw an egg shaped oval and fill it using 3-D glitter. Leave some space in between to write the word "EASTER".

Daughters' Day

 Here, all you need to do is take a suitable background, and write daughters' day on it using stylofoam letters. Then decorate the side with fur pom-poms and decoration flowers.

Mothers' Day

 Coming Soon!

Fathers' Day

 In this card, simply take cardstock and write down happy fathers' day using stylofoam letters. Then paste loads of hearts on your cards.

Childrens' Day

 Coming Soon!


For your Christmas card, simply draw a snowflake with 

3-D glitter and on its right side write 'MERRY' and underneath it write 'CHRISTMAS'.  


 Here, I have put 3 forms of 1 basic  card . They are very easy to make and are perfect just in case you are running out of time. In the first and second card, i have used glitter for background and have used 3-D glitter for writing in all three. In the the third one, I have again used 3-D glitter to make the lamp. You can also put some extra decorations to fill up more.(this is optional.)
 Again, here I have placed 2 forms of one basic design. On both the cards, I have spread glitter and then have drawn crackers of different colors. Later, I used 3-D glitter to write. There is not much difference betweeen the two.
 Birthday Cards
 Here, simply take a couple of flowers and paste them on your card. Now take some translucent/transparent circle stickers and paste them randomly on the card.
 In this one, you simply need to paste a trio of stylofoam flowers and then draw crackers on the opposite side. Underneath, write 'open with smile' with 3-D glitter and draw a smiley.
 This is a very simple and sweet card. You simply need to take some flowery cardstock and stick some embroidery decorations. On the down right, stick some bead like flowers in a bunch and draw its stem. Lead it into a grass like valley at the bottom which is to be done by flouracent glitter.

Take a glittery cardstock  and stick a heart somewhere on it. Now decorate it using 3-D glitter by making some waves and curly hearts on the corners. Write happy b'day in the middle.

To make a card like ths one, take circles and stars cardstock and stick stylofoam stickers on 2 corners. Draw curly and flowery patterns on the other 2 sides and also draw a cake. Draw horizontal and vertical stripes inside the circles. Stick a translucent round sticker above the cake and write happy b'day inside it.

Fast Cards

In a hurry? Don't Worry! Simple cards incase you are in a hurry.

 Just take any paper and fold it into a card. Twirl some wire on a pen's refill and make a flower out of it.(It should look like the one shown once you are done.) Stick this onto any one upper corner of the card and write happy b'day probably with some 3-D glitter.

In this card you need to paste your paper/material on a firmer paper if you are using a very weak one. Once done with hte paper 

To make this kind of  a card, simply take a flowery cardstock and stick a small flower. Make a nice bow and curl its ends and stick it. In the center, write happy b'day and the person's name.

To make this kind of a card, simply fold a plain paper in the shape of a card. Cut out 8 hearts and stick 2 on each corner. Now cut out strips of hollow patterned paper and stick them as shown. make a nice bow and either stick it on the side if you want to write happy b'day and stick it  in the center if you dont want to.

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